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I'm a 1L student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Formerly, I was the Research Communications Officer at the Games Institute. I aim to become a litigator focused on issues related to human rights and civil liberties, making use of my experience as a rhetorician to give me an edge.

Contact me: marisabenjamin0@gmail.com


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Listen to me as the host of the Games Institute podcast, translating academic research into publicly accessible conversations on an international stage via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


I'm currently working on...

Through Pro Bono Students Canada, I'm working with METRAC, Action Against Violence, to develop public legal education presentations for women in shelters.

With the Criminal Law Students Association, I am planning events that connect students with leading Canadian criminal Crown and Defence lawyers in my capacity as 1L representative.  

As an Associate Editor with the Indigenous Law Journal, I will be  providing editorial review for articles discussing Indigenous perspectives about Canadian law.