Stuck Inside: Art created during COVID-19

I had to stay indoors, so I painted and sketched, then sketched and painted.

Artist Statement

When the shut-downs first started, I was forced to leave my internet-less apartment and move back in with my parents. My anxiety hit max so I channeled it into making art that reflects my feelings about my circumstances (powerless and isolated) and frustrations about the virus (invasive and uncaring).

What you see above is a collection of four paintings and one digital art piece that, together, express: 1) unfulfilled desire for connection and adventure, 2) confronting the sublime elements of the virus.

I like using a combination of materials to prove that two things that aren’t meant to be can actually coexist – in this case, proliferating shapes invading serene backgrounds (acrylics vs. sharpie). I’m trying to get over my feelings of grief that the pandemic has changed aspects of our world forever. I see now that the only way to find peace is through accepting this new reality and living with it.