Pipelies: Gamifying Pipeline Politics

Pipelies aims to educate players about the complex politics surrounding the building of pipelines across Indigenous lands on Turtle Island. Based on the real events of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, I designed this co-operative board game to leverage perspective taking and scarcity mechanics. The game demonstrates the real challenges of balancing multiple stakeholder interests, especially when some players have more power than others.

Players will learn they must work together to disentangle the needs of all stakeholders in order to reach a successful conclusion. Just like we've seen with the Trans Mountain Pipeline, some players (not all) will have the option of ignoring the other stakeholders' needs, thus turning this into a competitive game. If they choose this route, all players will have to deal with negative consequences.


I created this game in 2018 as part of my Master's research. In this article, I analyze the politics of the Trans Mountain Pipeline and explain how they inspired the design of Pipelies.

Pipelies-do you want to build a pipeline
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Game Rules

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Game Elements

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